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GM Fleet

GM Fleet Program in Gatineau, QC

We know all about the challenges that come with running a business, keeping everything in order and ensuring you have reliable and dependable assets on hand. Few vehicles know that better than Chevrolet, and in our GM Fleet program we can find solutions for your business through elegant and performance-driven transport. Not only are you met with these high quality and safe vehicles, but they come with our GM support network, from keeping these vehicles light on your expenses to regular maintenance, we can help your business thrive with a fleet of GM vehicles in tow. Find out below why Chevrolet fleet vehicles are such a popular choice across Canada, here at Surgenor Gatineau!

Vehicle Fleet Eligibility & Enrollment

Not sure if your business is eligible for our fleet program? Ask yourself the questions we have listed below, and find out! If you don’t qualify, please contact us, as there may be other incentives or offers we’re able to work out.

Q. Does your business have at least 5 vehicles licensed and registered in your business name? 
A. You’re eligible.

Q. Will this planned purchase take you above the 5 vehicle threshold?
A. You’re eligible.

Q. Are your purchasing 3 or more vehicles within this purchase for your business?
A. You’re eligible.

Q. Are you a government agency/regulated utility, public school or medical hospital?
A. You’re eligible.

Small Business/Commercial

Specialized businesses need specialized vehicles, and working with a GM Fleet program means you have a variety of options to choose from that will match your company’s exact needs. Upfitted to match each job, and with service to ensure they’re always running as they should, along with exceptional offers to keep you within your budget, our Small Business & Commercial fleet solutions are designed to work seamlessly with your needs.

Government Fleet

Chevrolet vehicles have gained a reputation over the years, a reputation that positions both elegant and luxurious designs, which are backed up by uncompromising performance that is reliable and dependable all-day long, and for years to come. Representing a government fosters many of the same characteristics, so trust in our vehicle fleet options to shepherd your government requirements. GM has years of experience working with government clients, and are particularly skilled to meet any demands.

Why Choose Chevrolet for Your Fleet?

Many vehicle brands and dealerships offer fleet programs, but few as all-encompassing and worthy of the Chevrolet brands quite like our GM program is available to offer. We’ve boiled it down to a few key highlights of why driving a GM fleet puts you at such an incredible advantage.

Versatile Options:

  • By choosing from our Chevrolet vehicle options you’re met with a ton of choice, from cars to SUVs to trucks, alongside rugged options for tough work and luxurious models for when you want your vehicles to look their best.

Focused Business Solutions:

  • You’re not forced into a specific option here at GM, we have fleet solutions designed specifically for you and your businesses’ needs, and ones that ensure you’re getting the most cost-effective plan.


  • We’re partnered throughout the industry with the best in service, parts, accessories and more, for whatever you need out of your vehicle, and to keep it running as it should, we’ll connect you with those who care about your vehicles as much as we do.


  • For qualified fleet customers, we have incentive programs available where you can see allowances on select GM models.
Ron  Bergeron
Ron Bergeron
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If you have any questions about our fleet services, or want to inquire about them for your business, please contact our Sales Manager, Ron Bergeron, at or our Service Manager, Stephane Robitaille, at 1-819-777-2734