Electric Vehicles at Surgenor Gatineau in QC

Say so long to gas stations and hello to electric power with us at Surgenor Gatineau, your top electric vehicle dealer in the area! Electric vehicles, currently led ahead by the Chevrolet Bolt EV, have become a top priority at GM, with more and more electric vehicles planned to fulfil the General Motors vision of an all-electric future in automotives. It’s not just the future, though, as you can drive home in your very own electric vehicle, today! Drive the streets of Gatineau in a few vehicles that’s sure to set yourself apart from all those other gas-reliant vehicles with the Chevrolet Bolt! In our current lineup, and continuing to build into the future, Surgenor Gatineau is proud to supply our local Quebec area with the new wave of automotives, and our electric vehicles!

Chevrolet Bolt EV

Spunky, affordable, high-tech and most of all, all-electric, the Chevrolet Bolt EV is the perfect complement for your city lifestyle, from everyday commuting to weekend adventures. The 2020 & 2021 Bolt EV gets around 417 km of electric range on a charge, also bringing along with it 1,603 L (56.6 cu-ft) of cargo space for all of your gear. The Battery and Electric Drive Components Limited Warranty spans 8 years/160,000 km to keep your Bolt covered for a long time. If you’re not too familiar with the Chevrolet Bolt EV, and want to get a bit more familiar with all its features and benefits, we’ve gathered some of its most important advantages for Gatineau drivers.


You charge devices all day, so what’s a vehicle on top of that to add to your lineup? It doesn’t take much more than you’d think to charge, so, yes, you can charge your Bolt with the same outlet you do your phone. Depending on how far you intend to drive each day, charging time can vary.
Wall Outlets

Level 1:

This is your typical 120-volt 3-prong wall outlet, where every Bolt comes with a compatible portable charge cord.

Level 2:

This 240-volt wall outlet has 3 or 4 prongs, used many for large appliances. It delivers a faster charge, but it has to be bought separately and installed.

Charging With Your Wall Outlet

While you’re able to charge with your typical wall outlet, a 240-volt charging unit is recommended as both a fast and quick way to charge your vehicle. You can get up to 40 km per hour of charge, so if you drive around 64 km per day it takes less than 2 hours for your Bolt to get back that charge. No matter what way you charge, it’s incredibly simple and fits in with all your other electronics already at your house.
The dream of an electric future is more than just technology — it’s about having the desire, inspiration and innovation to build a better tomorrow. We’ve teamed up with Walt Disney World® to discover the magic that happens when you electrify your imagination. Introducing our all-electric line up for 2022, the new 2022 Bolt EUV and redesigned Bolt EV. Our electric future is here.

The Start Button to an All-Electric Future has Been Pushed

Introducing the revolutionary Ultium Platform. Engineered for range, power and flexibility to charge fast, run long and fit every type of vehicle. An innovation that’s powering General Motors’ plan to offer 30 new EVs globally by 2025. Which means the day will soon come when everybody can drive an EV. Welcome to Generation E. Join us and together we’ll emit optimism.

The Ultium Platform. Range, Power and Flexibility. For All.

General Motors’ all-new modular Ultium Platform will be the heartbeat of our all-electric future—and thanks to Ultium’s pouch cell design, we will easily accommodate a wide range of EV styles and sizes.

Performance in Cold Weather

We understand the reticence of driving an electric vehicle in an area such as Gatineau where it gets cold often, and while the cold does affect the electric range (so does terrain and your driving type), there’s plenty you can do to combat it.
Smart Cabin Heating

Smart Cabin Heating (while plugged in)

Make sure to use any energy from the grid to keep your Bolt’s cabin warm, so as to use the stored battery charge for driving. The 240-volt charging unit provides the ultimate benefit in ensuring you’re utilizing proper and max power charging ability.
Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure

Keeping your tires properly inflated can help to improve your range.

Staying Warm

Be smart about how you stay warm while driving. While you might think to heat the entire cabin, it takes less energy to heat yourself through the heated seats and steering wheel than the entire interior.

Make every day epic.

Available Super Cruise† and Panoramic Sunroof

Available Super Cruise† and Panoramic Sunroof

A Chevrolet first, is a true hands-free driving assistant feature for divided and compatible roads and is designed to help make your journey both hands-free and comfortable. Plus with the available panoramic sunroof, you’ll never know what you’ll find soaring above. – Available on select trims.
Available Rear Camera Mirror†

Available Rear Camera Mirror†

See how this feature comes in handy when checking for nearby cars and other things that may “pop up” on the road. The Rear Camera Mirror, available on select trims, uses a camera to provide you a wide and less obstructed view behind the vehicle while you’re driving. You can switch between the camera view and a traditional rear-view mirror.
Sport Mode

Sport Mode

There’s nothing ordinary about this mode. With a push of a button, experience a more engaging ride and a whole new world of electric excitement.

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Make your next vehicle purchase electric, literally, by shopping our electric vehicle lineup, headed by the Chevrolet Bolt EV. If you have absolutely any questions on the Bolt, its capability, efficiency, or anything else regarding GM electric vehicles, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!