Our Finance Department at Surgenor Gatineau

At the end of the day, our finance department at Surgenor Gatineau is all about helping people. From those with credit troubles, to others not sure if they should finance or lease, to the buyers under a strict budget, our financing team is here to assist. With years of experience and connections to various financial lenders across Gatineau, we’re able to find solutions for your vehicle financing needs, ones that are affordable, flexible and cost-aware. When you purchase your next GM vehicle through us, know that our finance department has your back every step of the way.


Auto Financing Built for You!

Other dealerships and financial institutions may have cookie-cutter plans that they try to fit you into, but at Surgenor Gatineau we formulate solutions with you, your budget and your vehicle in mind. We believe in a seamless and transparent financing process, through a vast lineup of Chevrolet model options that meet your monetary demands, alongside financing and leasing plans that you can actually understand. With you in mind, our financial team is here to help you purchase or lease a vehicle you want and under terms and payments that fit your lifestyle.

Subprime Credit in Gatineau, QC

Everybody deserves a second chance, and that applies to your credit as well! Surgenor Gatineau provides a variety of second chance credit solutions to help you get the vehicle you truly want, even if you’ve had credit issues in the past. Leave those credit troubles in the past where they belong and trust in our financing experts who will tailor a plan to your needs and budget, allowing you to meet the monthly requirements, and build up your credit again at the same time! New or used, bad credit or no credit, whatever your situation may be, we have financing options to suit you, so don’t fret and contact us here at Surgenor Gatineau!

Subprime Credit in Ottawa, ON

Lease or Buy?

Picking out a vehicle is the fun part, but then when it comes down to actually paying for it you may be confused as to what route is best for you. Truly, it depends on what you’re looking to get out of the vehicle, and how you’re going to be using it. Don’t worry if you can’t decide, that’s why our financial specialists are here, to help understand your budget, vehicle and driving demands, so we can help suggest what may be the best path for you. If you want some quick help and guidance of what leasing and financing offer, check out highlights of each.

Why Lease a Vehicle?

  • Do you want to pay less on monthly payments?
    • By leasing you’ll pay less than purchasing per month.
  • Are you only interested in driving the latest Chevrolet models?
    • When you lease you can update your vehicle more often to stay current.
  • Do you only drive a set amount, and don’t venture too far away from home?
    • Leasing and its kilometre limit is perfect for those who don’t drive too much.
  • Are you often worried about something breaking down on your vehicle?
    • Worry no longer with warranty protection and service.

Why Finance a Vehicle?

  • Do you want to hold the title of being the sole owner of your vehicle?
    • Buying a vehicle means it’s all yours.
  • Are you not a fan of restrictive terms on a vehicle?
    • Financing allows for more flexibility.
  • Do you drive a lot and far?
    • There’s no extra charge if you go over your set kilometres like on leasing.
  • Looking to build equity?
    • Make your next resale truly worth it.

We can help solve your automotive financing questions with tailored solutions at Surgenor Gatineau Chevrolet. If you’ve had credit issues in the past, get in touch with us and we’ll work to formulate a finance or lease plan for you!