What is Market Value Pricing?

March 16 2018, Surgenor Gatineau

What is Market Value Pricing?

What Does Market Value Pricing Mean to Me?

There's no need to spend your Saturdays visiting countless dealers trying to find a good deal on the car you want, we already did the leg work for you. Rather than embarking on a long and tedious negotiation battle, you can be confident that we are offering you the best price we can from the start.

How Does Market Value Pricing Work?

Market Value Pricing is the name we give to our process of adapting to the market by using high-tech algorithms to beat out our competition's pricing. Our pricing accounts for our cost, the vehicle's mileage, equipment, and the pricing of similar vehicles on the market. All of this comes together for two simple things - providing a stress-free purchasing experience for our customers and minimizing how long inventory sits on our lot.

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